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Dia Smiley DO

Internist & Cardiologist | Speaker | Fashionista

Dr Smiley has a passion for medicine,
and her expertise include cardiac disease in women,
as well as cardiac imaging and preventative cardiology.
She has a passion for preventative medicine and healthy living,
and educating the public about health and disease,
especially heart disease.

Cardiac Fashionista

she helps women live a healthy life while looking totally fabulous. She is a world-traveler, and loves to experience new cultures and meet new people. She is fluent in Arabic and French, in addition to English. She has always had an eye for fashion, and appreciates style and elegance. Who said as a cardiologist she can’t be stylish? She talks about fashion in addition to cardiology,

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She is one of the best doctor’s, she takes time with you and listens to everything while she works on getting you better

Nicci Burton

I love that she, actually, listens to her patients and has a genuine compassion that translates to a very good doctor!

Sharie Pilgrim McNeely

Dr. Smiley is outstanding! She is a doctor who listens to the patient, and addresses the patient concerns. She also does an excellent job of explaining everything that is going on!!!

Carol Kitchens

I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at the age of 24 this past September. Dr.Smiley was one of the cardiologists I saw in the hospital during my week stay. She has been absolutely fantastic, as I am a student away from home she always makes me feel at ease and that I can answer any…

Carrollton, GA

Wonderful Doctor and person. Knows her business extremely well

Leroy Dedmon

Dr. Smiley is an outstanding cardiologist. She is very knowledgeable about her field of practice. She is also a very thorough doctor and will address any concerns a patient may have. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Carrollton, Ga

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